Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

Earth look up, with laughter

In your eyes,

The Son of God stepped down,

And in our midst he lives;

He came to save, redeem us all-

The God of Mercy answered our call.

But Earth, beware, though Christ

May bless, to bring us

Joy, Eternal Life.

His life He’ll give.

So Earth look down, let teardrops

Fill your eyes,

The Son of Man stepped down,

And now all dead He lives.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Diana (The People's Princess)


(The People’s Princess)

You walk in the splendor of life

with footsteps of feathers and lace.

Like Actaeon before me

I dare not cross your path,

for I who hunted the wild and free horizon

now beg you for thy love and mercy.

Thus, fear not from me Diana,

for I am not a prince!

The trail my destined past, must not, I pray,

my future smear.

I have felt the ebb of emptiness

and seen the ruin of castles made of sand,

I've endured the illusion of a once charmed love.

I...now can bear the truth

and feel the ripples of a quiet sea.

For you who came to me, and not with fear,

aimed your bow and arrow,

And I winced and spied the mellow rich desire in your eyes.

I sensed...and fell, and in the fall

I arched my spine and reached for you,

but where?

Where are you?

I turn to search for you Diana,

And I beg you; “Are you free?"

And then...I see...

I see you are not there,


You're here...with me.

with me.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sea Lust Title poem of my poetry book is today's poem


I was born to love the sea,

Nurtured on a beach at heaven’s door

I was blind, my search led nowhere

There are so many roads to the sea

I would merge, I’m not whole

Close your eyes, can you hear how the sea calls to me?

Turn around and don’t laugh as I stumble in the darkness,

A choice I was given on the road I would follow

But I’m blind and there’s nothing until I find me.

Oh God, find Simon, and then I’ll be free

To travel in my glory road to the sea.


You can’t do it all

You go down to the sea and scrunch a seashell in the sand

Till there’s nothing anymore ‘cept the ripple of the waves at

Heavens shore.

Just you and the sea

The kind of aloneness that brings good thought, sea thoughts,

Of love and life and the tug of a fish at the end of your line

Aloneness with things God made, not man.

And it’s not the aloneness of a bleak-blank room,

Of walls and chairs and the city-sounds and city-dust

Streaming through the window.

That kind’s hell.

And brings bleak-blank thoughts and you don’t know what life is.

In the night, no ships at all

Two strangers, two people are we

Who reach, and touch

Communicating the incommunicable—

Then part

The richer for having met

The poorer for having lost

Each other.

And there’s no such thing as love

And if there is, you don’t want it anymore.

‘Cause you want to do everything

and go everywhere

and live all you can

And you can’t do it all but you want to

And a man-made thing’ll trap you

And people will discourage you and they’ll tell you to give up.

So you go down to the sea and your breathe in the air

and it’s free

and it’s wild

and it’s yours.

You see the rocks growing on the water after the rain

Reflecting ‘round the ripples of the sea

Their hard brown souls

And the smoothness of the water

Their peaks cause no break

They float atop the plate.

And a long-legged bird stands on one

Surveying his domain

A pelican waves goodbye

As I race off in my little boat

To skim the high waves

Shouting Hee Hah and Yippee Ka-yay!

Bucking like a cowboy on the rolling tide

Lord, the waves are rough today!

Hey, look what the waves did to the sand

The tide relaxes, then rushes back.

Do you think those seagulls will attack?

The sun burns brownly to our skin,

Back on shore a white-breasted bird

Spreads his crooked black wings

So high and far, out of reach.

So I rest my wave-tossed body the sea has wet

Drip down into the sand-brushed blanket

Lie hotly; touch her hand to mine,

While within my heart love soars.

All life reviewed in a single day

As the sea washes the shore

And you can’t do it all but you’ll try.

Go on,

Laughing at the people reading record-album covers in the store

And sitting on buses and benches, and more

Dead than alive.

You can do it all…do it all,

Go on till you die

Reaching for God’s golden shore

And Death’s all that can stop you

From doing more.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Todays Poem for my Wife

Words of Peace

Your words sing joy for a tired soul

The world was dark and noiseless,

I call the minstrels passing by

To stay a while or linger long.

Within these gates life bursts in song;

For such is my mirrored palace,

Abode of dreams,

That your words form crystalline

Tinkling, tinkling, in the air,

Filling voids with sounds of Joy

Their sheer beauty shattering silence

To fall shimmering on my ears.

While all around the world is still.