Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Todays Poem dedicated to my cousin Henry Serra and his mother

Lamento II (From the book Sea Lust)

Mother of all

hold me to your bosom

one more time I pray.

Take my hand

caress my neck

with your ethereal touch

that soothes the searing pain.

Let me rest, forget,

pacify the night

so dark!

Demons lurk, bloodied

piercing eyes of scorn

disgrace abounds

and all along

foolish friends sing and dance.

From deceit the truth reborn!

Let us go then

take my hand

the eternal waves

keep endless time

in our world, our sea

sand between our toes

clouds where angels sing

velvety soft and warm.

Feels like home

the genuine for us

no borrowed crown shall do!

And Oh, your touch

the glow, aura, splendor

sanctuary for saints and sinners

purity for all

devotion, love, in splendid candor.

Fill my cup with love,

sweet nectar of your essence.

Let me gaze into your

emerald tearless jewels

that I scorn to share

like the moon and stars

are theirs, so I must bear

the stranger's turn

the fortunate souls

that fate has graced

with your blessed eyes

and golden smile.

Your face is time

mother of all.

I cherish the thought

you're mine!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Todays poem dedicated to Gerda - My Hometown


(My Hometown)

The story was going to be written in prose

But the words started coming out in


With rhythm

And cadence

And not like prose at all

And pretty soon the story wasn’t

Important anymore

Just the words

And their patterns

Drizzling slowly

Across that damn sheet of paper

Yellow paper

And it’s hurting my eyes

And still the thoughts and feelings keep coming

If I try really hard and hold each to my heart

For I have all the time in the world

It ought to keep me busy for a while.

There is for each of us

A paradise that was

A time to which we steal away

When too much of the present

Starts filling our day

When nothing but pleasure seemed

To matter

And no one obstructed pursuit of the latter

A time when I lived in the land

That I loved:

The curling face of each wave

Gently stroking the crunching sand

Licking the turret I could not save

That stood near the sea wall half-claimed by decay.

While the water reflecting the sun on each swell

Echoed the laughter of children at play

Casting the sound to the wind in the palms.

So the scene unfolds before me

Memories that never will fade

Ever strong, ever bright-

The paradise that was.

Come, be close.

I need your warming eyes

To spur me with my story,

And if you smile, I’ll tell you

Of the views of the past

From the windows of my soul.

The first one goes back

To the long, long ago.

When unhampered by glass

My hand, outstretched, reached the sea.

All was green palms, quite near,

A pebble-strewn beach.

To the right and afar.

Curved a finger of land

With houses and churches, all facing towards me.

I could linger forever at this.

My first window

But the salt-spray is heavy

And time has no pause.

So come, be close.

Those aren’t tears in my eyes,

It’s the spray from the ocean

Of my long, long ago.

Next I’ll show you a window

That was one wall of glass,

And within, all mundane

Just an office to me;

And all that I needed

To be lifted, transported,

Was slowly to turn

With fixed gaze to the window.

Remember in fairytales,

How roads cut through forests?

To the left was a fairyland road

such as those.

The sun as it sparkled on the glass

of hotels

Jewel-scattered the landscape

Settling down on the wave swells.

Distracting, this window,

Especially when sailboats

Hove whitely and roundly into view.

Then at dusk, a still moment,

The city was captured, the bay and the islands,

All linked by my longing

It was perfect this window,

Joining man’s hand to God’s.

Even as darkening thunder-clouds billowed

And the fairyland, wetly, was hidden from view.

Yet stay,

I’m not done.

Only one more is left.

And this one the strangest, yet brightest to me.

For the orange and white of small planes fill the air

Breaking the pattern of blue and white sky

And this window has bars

Yet it opens quite wide,

To let in the roar of machines made by man,

While on the horizon, trees fringe the runways

And occasional birds fly companions to airplanes.

Idyllic? No baby,

Not this patch of color-

It’s the view from my prison

For I can’t hear the sea.

So come, reach close,

Let your hand wipe away

These teardrops that cling

Like the salt-spray to me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Love Poem from Sea Lust


Spiraling down to kiss the sea,

A falling star from heaven flees

And as I watch in lovesick awe,

The cool, black sea turns its foamy face-

So they touch and the star’s glow dies,

To live again within your eyes.

By Simon Vincent

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Lusting for The Sea Again here's Sea Lust the title poem from my poetry book


I was born to love the sea,

Nurtured on a beach at heaven’s door

I was blind, my search led nowhere

There are so many roads to the sea

I would merge, I’m not whole

Close your eyes, can you hear how the sea calls to me?

Turn around and don’t laugh as I stumble in the darkness,

A choice I was given on the road I would follow

But I’m blind and there’s nothing until I find me.

Oh God, find Simon, and then I’ll be free

To travel in my glory road to the sea.


You can’t do it all

You go down to the sea and scrunch a seashell in the sand

Till there’s nothing anymore ‘cept the ripple of the waves at

Heavens shore.

Just you and the sea

The kind of aloneness that brings good thought, sea thoughts,

Of love and life and the tug of a fish at the end of your line

Aloneness with things God made, not man.

And it’s not the aloneness of a bleak-blank room,

Of walls and chairs and the city-sounds and city-dust

Streaming through the window.

That kind’s hell.

And brings bleak-blank thoughts and you don’t know what life is.

In the night, no ships at all

Two strangers, two people are we

Who reach, and touch

Communicating the incommunicable—

Then part

The richer for having met

The poorer for having lost

Each other.

And there’s no such thing as love

And if there is, you don’t want it anymore.

‘Cause you want to do everything

and go everywhere

and live all you can

And you can’t do it all but you want to

And a man-made thing’ll trap you

And people will discourage you and they’ll tell you to give up.

So you go down to the sea and your breathe in the air

and it’s free

and it’s wild

and it’s yours.

You see the rocks growing on the water after the rain

Reflecting ‘round the ripples of the sea

Their hard brown souls

And the smoothness of the water

Their peaks cause no break

They float atop the plate.

And a long-legged bird stands on one

Surveying his domain

A pelican waves goodbye

As I race off in my little boat

To skim the high waves

Shouting Hee Hah and Yippee Ka-yay!

Bucking like a cowboy on the rolling tide

Lord, the waves are rough today!

Hey, look what the waves did to the sand

The tide relaxes, then rushes back.

Do you think those seagulls will attack?

The sun burns brownly to our skin,

Back on shore a white-breasted bird

Spreads his crooked black wings

So high and far, out of reach.

So I rest my wave-tossed body the sea has wet

Drip down into the sand-brushed blanket

Lie hotly; touch her hand to mine,

While within my heart love soars.

All life reviewed in a single day

As the sea washes the shore

And you can’t do it all but you’ll try.

Go on,

Laughing at the people reading record-album covers in the store

And sitting on buses and benches, and more

Dead than alive.

You can do it all…do it all,

Go on till you die

Reaching for God’s golden shore

And Death’s all that can stop you

From doing more.