Tuesday, December 4, 2012




By Simon Vincent

The palm leans forward
Gets its face washed
As each raindrop
Falling, scrubbing,
Pelts the green leaves,
Sets them trembling,
Leaves them laughing
On their boughs-
While gently, gently
The rain moves on.

Monday, December 3, 2012



by Simon Vincent

            With diamond wings I set you free
high above a crimson sky
            you dare not fly just yet
glorious wings laden with your loot
            your perfect eyes filled with boiling tears
you yearn for a perfect sky and gentle breeze.
            You cling with tender claws
for the journey you feel can wait
            for one more kiss
                one more caress.

            Go I beg you
I set you free!
            I release you from my spell
leave me to my boring peace.

            And then finally you leave
on hollow broken wings
            through velvet clouds
no calm tonight, a angry sky, a stormy sea,
            but on you fly!
High on high, the stars to reach
            you crash through barriers not of man
with lightning speed
            and I stand in awe and watch you
as if I did not know
            as if I did not care
for scorn builds hate
            and hate is the marrow of the                       immortals.


            And yes I stand in awe
and feel the coldness of your new-found strength
            and on you fly
from heaven...or is it hell? 

            I then grow old
an instant all it takes
            a wise old man
the graying scars
            not healed burning at my flesh.

            The horror of it all

            To think that mere mortals
can cast a spell on a
            goddess like you.
I pray for forgiveness,
            and beg you now
for I now know that I
            cannot hold, much less release a sunbeam
            or a star.

I can only feel their presence
            for a borrowed fraction
of our time.
            And so I beg you
to release me...then.

            For flesh and blood is all I know
            For flesh and blood is all I am.         

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Mother's Obituary

Maria Rita Orta de Fernandez

On Saturday September 22, 2012 at 10:30 in the morning Maria Rita Orta de Fernandez, RN went to our Lord. She was under the care of Vitas Hospice at Metropolitan Hospital in Miami for a week. She passed away quietly from natural causes.  She was born in Cuba on May 22, 1913 making her 99 years old at the time of her passing. She was the daughter of Jose M. Orta and Abundia Rodriguez, from Rancho Boyeros, Cuba. She is survived by her two sons Angel Vicente Fernandez, Jr., his wife Grace (Spitale) and Jose Manuel Fernandez, her stepdaughter Marina Fernandez had pre-deceased her in 2002. She is also survived by her beloved grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Vicente O. Fernandez and his daughter Monica Fernandez. Star Bradley and her husband Eric and daughter Zoe Marina,  Ariana R. Fernandez and her daughter Chloe Marina. Frank L. Fernandez, his wife Diry (Cantero) and their daughters EllaMia and Maya. And also her beloved niece Doris Millares from Mississippi, and her extended Family.

Rita was a graduate of the University Of Havana School Of Nursing in 1948. She was married to Angel V. Fernandez (Angelito) a Parliamentary Stenographer/Court Reporter until his death in 1981.  She loved the Ocean along with her husband they loved living in Jaimanitas, Cuba next to the beach.  Among her family it was often said that she was the first woman in Cuba to wear two piece bathing suits, which she made herself. In her younger days she was renowned for her beauty and grace.

Rita and Angelito emigrated together with their children from Cuba to the US in October of 1960. In the US they lived in New York City for a year and then settled in Miami. While in New York she worked as a nurse for the Bronx Hospital and got her certification as a Registered Nurse. Back in Miami she worked at North Shore Hospital and later as a commercial Nurse for Suave Shoe Corporation.
In her widowed years she enjoyed traveling with her family and gardening in her back yard. She was an independent woman till the end. Never sick a day in her life she faced life with quiet stoic demeanor, counseling all who knew her that the most important lesson in life is “understanding” one another and the situations that confront us.  And to always apply her own version of the “golden rule” she said, if someone offends you do not offend them in return because you then become like them, always know who you are and respect yourself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mother of All (Poem for my late Mother)


Mother of all
            hold me to your bosom
one more time I pray.
            Take my hand
caress my neck
            with your ethereal touch
that soothes the searing pain.
            Let me rest, forget,
            pacify the night
so dark!
            Demons lurk, bloodied
piercing eyes of scorn
            disgrace abounds
and all along
            foolish friends sing and dance.
From deceit the truth reborn!
            Let us go then
take my hand
            the eternal waves
keep endless time
            in our world, our sea
sand between our toes
            clouds where angels sing
velvety soft and warm.
            Feels like home
the genuine for us
            no borrowed crown shall do!
And Oh, your touch
            the glow, aura, splendor
sanctuary for saints and sinners
            purity for all
devotion, love, in splendid candor.
            Fill my cup with love,
sweet nectar of your essence.
            Let me gaze into your
emerald tearless jewels
            that I scorn to share
like the moon and stars
            are theirs, so I must bear
the stranger's turn
            the fortunate souls
that fate has graced
            with your blessed eyes
and golden smile.
            Your face is time
mother of all.
            I cherish the thought
you're mine!

Traduccion de la poesia “Mother of All”—Escrita para mi madre, Maria Rita Orta de Fernandez, por: Simon Vincent (Angel Fernandez)

Madre de todo abrazame a tu pecho
Te ruego, una vez mas toma mi mano
Acariciame el cuello con tus manos de seda
Que me calman el dolor y me dejan descanzar y olvidar
Pacifican mis noches tan obscuras.

Mis demonios esperan, sangrientos
Con sus ojos sin piedad
Lleno de pena, suspiro, y mientras tanto
Los tontos cantan y bailan,
De una mentira nace la verda!

Te ruego, toma mi mano
Las olas eternas marcan el tiempo
En nuestro mundo del mar
Nuestras huellas se quedan en la arena
Las olas…bellas nubes donde los angeles cantan
Con carino y ternura!
Si, este es lo nuestro, el legitimo, no uno prestado,
Que nos llama.

Tu mano acaricia, brilla tu pavor
Eres sanctuario para santos igual que pecadores
Perdon y piedad para todos!
Devocion, Amor y Franquesa
Llena nuestra fuente con carino
Con el nectar dulce de tu alma
Dejanme amparame en tus esmeraldas brillantes que todo lo ven
Y que lagrimas no pueden conquistar,
Y que me duele compartir,
Como la luna y las estrellas son del universo
Temo que tengo que rendir su turno
A los extranjeros, a los afortunados seres humanos
Que el destino le ha dotado
La mirada de tus ojos banditos y sonrisa de gracia.
Tu cara es mi sol
Madre de todo
Bendita sea la luz que nos guia.
Que orgullo gritar…ERES MIA!