Tuesday, December 4, 2012




By Simon Vincent

The palm leans forward
Gets its face washed
As each raindrop
Falling, scrubbing,
Pelts the green leaves,
Sets them trembling,
Leaves them laughing
On their boughs-
While gently, gently
The rain moves on.

Monday, December 3, 2012



by Simon Vincent

            With diamond wings I set you free
high above a crimson sky
            you dare not fly just yet
glorious wings laden with your loot
            your perfect eyes filled with boiling tears
you yearn for a perfect sky and gentle breeze.
            You cling with tender claws
for the journey you feel can wait
            for one more kiss
                one more caress.

            Go I beg you
I set you free!
            I release you from my spell
leave me to my boring peace.

            And then finally you leave
on hollow broken wings
            through velvet clouds
no calm tonight, a angry sky, a stormy sea,
            but on you fly!
High on high, the stars to reach
            you crash through barriers not of man
with lightning speed
            and I stand in awe and watch you
as if I did not know
            as if I did not care
for scorn builds hate
            and hate is the marrow of the                       immortals.


            And yes I stand in awe
and feel the coldness of your new-found strength
            and on you fly
from heaven...or is it hell? 

            I then grow old
an instant all it takes
            a wise old man
the graying scars
            not healed burning at my flesh.

            The horror of it all

            To think that mere mortals
can cast a spell on a
            goddess like you.
I pray for forgiveness,
            and beg you now
for I now know that I
            cannot hold, much less release a sunbeam
            or a star.

I can only feel their presence
            for a borrowed fraction
of our time.
            And so I beg you
to release me...then.

            For flesh and blood is all I know
            For flesh and blood is all I am.